10km race
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9 septembre 2017
La Vallée de Ferney

4km - 10km - 20km - 50km

CIEL Ferney Trail 2017

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Tél: (230) 5705 5162

E-mail: info@roag.org

Nando's 10km

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The Nando's 10 km race is the most popular race of the Ferney Trail with more than a thousand participants. The route is less perilous than the 20 km race. Participants can enjoy the stunning views of the Ferney hunting ground, a private domain at the heart of the conservation zone. This event is open to runners aged over 12 years. The arrival is scheduled at the Ferney Trail village.

Race Elevation

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Race Track

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Race Details

Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017
Start Time: 8:30 a.m (Official) - Vallée de Ferney
Race Tape: RED
Affiliations: 'Ligue Courte de Trail de Maurice de l'Association Rando Trail et Nature'