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07 September 2019
La Vallée de Ferney

4km - 10km - 20km - 50km


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What to expect at CIEL Ferney Trail?

Nature: Immersion into the sanctuary of La Vallée de Ferney

There are places where you feel very small... and fascinated by the extraordinary strength of nature. La Vallée de Ferney is one of those places, where wonders of nature have nestled in for ages.

CIEL Ferney Trail offers a unique experience deep inside one of the last natural sanctuary of Mauritius. You can expect to see deers and endemic birds species such as the Mauritian Kestrel, the Eco Parakeet and the Paille-en-Queue. La Vallee de Ferney also counts more than 10 different species of endemic plants, the 'patrimoine' of the authentic Mauritius.

The Mauritian Fun

Competition is important but so is having fun with friends, family and all the other trailers of the CIEL Ferney Trail! As Jean-Eddy Laurent, winner of the 35Km CIEL Ferney Trail 2015 puts it: "Ferney is really about the family spirit, meeting all participants and running the trail together. It is a great big family party."

"Mari hard" (creole expression meaning "very hard"), "tahi, penkor fini" ("Oh, it’s not over yet" in creole) – What is also fun at CIEL Ferney Trail is to discover the Mauritian culture through unique and funny  expressions of the local runners. You will also be able to relax and enjoy the best treatment after your run, at the CIEL Ferney Trail Village where you will:

  • Taste local flavours and dishes for lunch, served by teams from Sun Resorts
  • Embark and dance on local music
  • Enjoy free massages performed by a professional team from Fortis Clinique Darné.

Alone, with your family or your friends, you will enjoy a great day in paradise!

Giving to Sports its noble attributes

Did you promise yourself at the beginning of the year that you would exercise and practice sports? We’ve all been through this.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the CIEL Ferney Trail will be the perfect occasion for you to experience sports with all those sharing its noble values: mutual-aid, push and #GoBeyond your limits, and respect for yourself and for others.