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07 September 2019
La Vallée de Ferney

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Our engagement for 2018

Run or walk for a charitable cause! CIEL Ferney Trail is a non-profit event and every year the organisation donates the profits to NGOs.

For the 2nd year consecutive of the CIEL Ferney Trail, we are partnering with Inclusion Mauritius.

Inclusion (Mauritius) is a member of Inclusion Africa and Inclusion International, with the same vision, mission statement and objectives. It is a federation of NGOs, founded in 2003, working for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and persons with multiple handicaps. Inclusion Mauritius, in 2017, regroups 12 different NGOs. Its main objective is to work in collaboration with NGOs for the recognition of the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities.

This year again, at the CIEL Ferney Trail, our objective is to run for People and for Nature. We want to raise awareness on the conservation of our Mauritian biodiversity (through La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust), and also we want to make our trailers run to raise money for Inclusion Mauritius, in order to help them in the various projects they are working on.

Let's #BouzeMoris !